Mind the Gap - Tax for teens

What is Mind the Gap?


What is a tax assessment?

How do I find a tax agent?

How do I use my PAYG summary?

Mind the Gap equips you for your first job in the real world!


Practical content for young adults.

Fun and engaging animated tutorials.

Quizzes to grade learning.

Entirely online course of study.

Versatile – computer or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Self-paced – progress and review content at the student’s speed.

Short length – completion in five hours.

Certificate upon completion.


Mind the Gap is your pathway into the work-force and through the maze of the Australian tax system. Designed specifically for teenagers, this 11-unit online program simplifies and explains everything a young person needs to know about the boring stuff that causes all of us headaches. Mind the Gap follows Hayden’s story as he progresses through the financial year and fulfils his tax obligations.

Hayden’s not always interested in what his mentor, Tyler, has to say. But with few hiccups Tyler and Hayden manage to get somewhere.


Mind the Gap in your School!


Bite-sized units for school or home.

School-appropriate content.

Little to no administration required by the school.

Addresses business and financial literacy components of the curriculum.

Helps you provide a holistic education, bridging the gap from school into the world.


This course breaks down into bite-sized pieces to fit into any class or free period. The eleven units are accessible at home or at school, from computer or tablet, and requires little work on your part.

The course will prompt the students to progress through the 20-minute units at their pace, with animations and graded tests all contained within the natural progression of the site. By the end of the course, the participant will obtain a grade and pass/fail mark. The content can be re-visited at any time during the course and the 12-month membership period, and any quiz re-attempted to maximise the participant’s results.


Mind the Gap at Home!


Real learning for the real world.

Easy to complete.

Good for the resume.

Resource available to the student for 12 months.

Save time and money and helps you avoid tax misdemeanours.


Got your first job?

Mind the Gap simplifies all the boring stuff that no one wants to deal with. Jump in and get a head start in life with fun and easy to understand content that will stay with you for life, cutting through the frustration and time-waste associated with not understanding the tax system, and keeping you out of trouble with the tax office!

With Mind the Gap as your guide, form good habits from the outset and stay in control, saving money and reducing complications.


Available to the general public for $15 a student, or at a discounted rate for schools and institutions. Contact Mind the Gap for more pricing information.  

To learn more, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

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Mind the Gap invites young people to take a leap into self-sufficiency in tax matters.

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