Mind the Gap - Tax for teens

What is Mind the Gap?

How do I file my very first tax return? 
(TFNs, PAYG summaries, tax agents, deduction basics)  

How can I check my boss is paying me right?  
(Payslips, modern awards, leave and loading)

And what about superannuation and other money stuff?   
(Super, insurances, banking, money) 

Mind the Gap is your pathway into the workforce!
Mind the Gap offers an online course and classroom workshops tailored to your needs. 
For schools, institutions and the general public, Mind the Gap Online is a place to for to learn the basics of money in Australia. 

Mind the Gap in your School!

Practical and engaging - Self-paced animated content for young adults.

Graded Quizzes - results filtered through to the teacher. 

Versatile - short duration broken into bite-sized peices (for the classroom or homework)

Certificate upon completion. 

And the best part for teachers? 

Little administration required.

Addresses business and financial literacy components of the curriculum.


The eleven units are accessible at home or at school, from computer or tablet
The course is broken down into bite-sized pieces to fit into any class or free period, or can be set as homework. 


Mind the Gap at Home!

Real learning for the real world.

Easy to complete.

Good for the resume.

Resource available to the student for 12 months.

Save time and money!


Got your first job?

Mind the Gap simplifies all the boring stuff that no one wants to deal with. Jump in and get a head start in life with fun and easy to understand content that will stay with you for life, cutting through the frustration and time-waste associated with not understanding the tax system, and keeping you out of trouble with the tax office!

With Mind the Gap as your guide, form good habits from the outset and stay in control, saving money and reducing complications.


Mind the Gap Collaborates with Whitelion and Stride

Both Whitelion and Stride have more than 20 years experience helping to improve the physical, mental and social wellbeing of young people. 

Mind the Gap is a proud affiate of these youth programs. 






Mind the Gap Fee Structure

This year, our fee structure has changed to offer a more affordable product.

Mind the Gap Online:
Individuals (general public): $15
10 or more students: Please contact us, and we can offer you a price for your group!

Mind the Gap Workshops (5-45 students):
Single Period (25-45 mins): $160
Double Period (45-90 mins): $200

Mind the Gap Seminars (40-90 minutes):
45-120 students: $450
120-300 students: $650

To learn more, you can visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

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Mind the Gap invites young people to take a leap into self-sufficiency in tax matters.

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